Monday, January 12, 2015

Too much fun for a Monday

The kitty brats reporting this cold Monday.   When Mom comes back from her walks she has a red face and numb fingers even though she is all bundled up like the Michelin Man.   So when she got Emily ready for a vet visit this morning she decided to call a cab.  
This is Emily in her PTU.   When they got into the cab, Emily serenaded the driver with her best kitty aria!   The cab driver said she must have been unhappy because Mom woke her up from her nap.  Poor Emily.  She was one sad feline for that ride.
The vet had an emergency and couldn't come in right away.   So Emily decided to explore the exam room.  She did a very thorough job.  In fact, Emily even saw a paw come under the door here from one of the resident cats!
Emily tried to wait patiently but we are afraid that virtue is not part of her personality.   She continued to jump and roam and meow!

Emily did enjoy the view from the window!   Eventually, the vet technician came in to say she would weigh Emily because the vet couldn't come in to see her at all. Emily did gain a bit of weight.  Hurray! As for the reasons for the visit well.....Mom is supposed to keep a "poop" journal for Emily.   Grody!   Whoever heard of such a thing?  And then report back to the vet later.
We are a bit tired of the last two posts just being told by Emily and about Emily.   So we will close with us boys.  Here is Winston being a computer buddy to Mom.  Mom sure does appreciate his company!  He monitors her activity thoroughly.  He is a most excellent snoopervisor.

We will close off with Oscar being all comfy cozy on the sofa.   He loves to cuddle down and have a snooze during these cold, winter days.
We hope everybody stays warm and cozy during these very wintery days.
the kitty brats


  1. Poor Emily wasn't having much at all!

    Purrs to her....As for a poop diary -- oy. Our human has kept an output diary for us both for um, well, some years now. Since Derry had his first bout of cystitis over 4 years ago. (It was off and on then, but has has been every day for 2.5 years now. She's crazy.) So good luck to your human; may she never become OCD like our own human!

  2. Oscar, you look like a kitten in this photo, sweetie! Hope Emily's diary recordings don't get too gritty! :p
    Winston, you are ever the heart throb THUD!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Poor Emily. It's never fun to go to the vet clinic. It's howling outside here tonight. Stay cozy on your couch, kitties. You, too, mom. Deb

  4. Miss Sweet Emily,
    I glad you gain a bit more weight :) and I didn't know your human have to do Dear Poop diary...tee..heh...( giggle ) can't help myself.
    Don't ya worry I do paw crossed & purrs for you for good results only
    Purrs come to your way

  5. Yep, I keep a 'cat book' with details of stuff that happens...litterbox, behavior, and any physical items that I feel need to be recorded for posterity. One thing the vet always asks, "when did this begin?" or "when did you start noticing abc?" I have crs syndrome (Can't Remember S**T) so I write it down! The same cat book holds info about the 'o' cats too. Here's hoping Emily gets rounder! And you boys are adorable...I've give out lots of smoochies!

  6. Sweet Emily we are sorry you had to got to the vet. The taxi ride seemed to not be one of your favorite things to do for sure. Nice of you to serenade the driver though, we hope he appreciated your nice aria. You sure are looking beautiful. Sweet Winston and sweet Oscar you are looking so very handsome and it is good to see you both. Hang in there Emily with the poop diary and we hope all goes well for you. You all stay warm! Hugs and nose kisses

  7. what a cool carrier! Hope all went well at the vet!

  8. We're sorry that Emily had to go to the vet. and that she has to god back again at some point. And we're sorry about that poop diary, too!

    Stay warm, dear ones!