Monday, November 17, 2014

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Edition

Hello felines and their humans!  Winston kitty here today with a new "friend" to tell you about Mom's tree decorating party this past weekend. Mom has her second bad cold this month.  She is very tired and keeps losing her voice  which isn't as fun for us felines as you might think.  *sigh*  She has given me, Winston, permission to tell everybody what happened on the weekend.    
First,  Mom wanted to have this party late in November but some of her family couldn't make it, then.  She therefore decided to put up the tree earlier than usual to accommodate everybody.  The Mom and her clan do what they like to do when they get together :   restaurant breakfast!
They went to a lovely restaurant, not their usual, and had a hearty breakfast.   This breakfast of French toast and fruit salad looks good to the humans but---- where is the meat?  As a feline, I think there should be meat.  Anyway,  after breakfast, they headed out to the nearest Chapters bookstore.  Mom recently received a gift card for that store and she was looking forward to being frivolous!   Here are some photos of some of the things Mom liked that day
Mom loved this card.   I fail to see why it's so amusing to her.
This is Mom's favorite tea in the world.   She didn't buy it, though, because she already has lots still at home.
Here is my new friend whilst he was still at the store.   She hasn't bought a stuffed toy in ages but she was twiterpated.....
This is something else Mom thought was fun but didn't buy.  Again, Mom's sense of humor confounds me!
Finally, something worth looking at in my opinion!  Yes, I would like this so I could hide from Oscar and Emily!

Something else Mom gazed at with longing...Christmas dishes! 
They finally headed back to decorate our teeny tiny tree. Emily found this extremely fascinating!  She was snoopervising the entire time they decorated the tree!

I can tell by the way Emily is looking at the tree that she was contemplating how to get hold of some of those ornaments.  That furry little runt!  That's my job!
Hope every feline and their human had a great weekend.  Winston kitty signing off.  That Mom is feeling poorly and she tends feline tending.   Purrs,
the Winston kitty


  1. Aww, that tree is so sweet. :-) Your mom had a great visit, we see.

    BTW, our human almost came home with a stuffed owl from Chapters on the weekend, but decided to wait till Boxing Week sales. Maybe! LOL.

  2. We hopes your mom bean is feeling better furry soon!

    That's a purrfect size tree for a kitty to redecorate, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  3. Breakfast without bacon is...DESSERT!! Just so your Mom knows.

    Purrs that she feels better soon!

  4. Please send head bump and nose kisses to Mum...and save some for yourselves because looking after humans is blooming hard work!
    Mummy Janey squeeeeeed at the owl *roll eyes*.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  5. That sounded like a nice day for your Mama! And the French toast looks scrumptious! Take good care of your human until she feels better (hopefully soon!) :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. "Twiterpated"!!!! LOL! A perfect word, methinks...

  7. What a fun day your mom had with her family! We sure hope she feels better soon. Hugs, purrs and prayers!

  8. Oh! The crockery set is just so amazing. You can’t get over the Christmas shopping for a very long time. And I am sure spending money on them would be worthwhile. I once went to a Christmas expo in one of the biggest Seattle venues and I had the best time shopping there for Christmas.