Saturday, January 5, 2013

Naughty Winston

Scarifying Winston by cherithsky
Scarifying Winston, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.

Mom says i'm bad cuz she doesn't like me chewing on electrical cords. I say they deserve it--they look so enticing. Mom says it could hurt me. She wants advice on how you stop your brave felines from attacking those nasty electrical cords.
P.S--So far I have read putting hot sauce on the cords but I'm not crazy about that. Any reasonable advice would be appreciated.


  1. I have read that wrapping them in tin foil will keep kitty away. They don't like the feel of it in their mouth.

  2. We have tried many things and our best solution so far is to put our cords inside old tubes - such as an old vacuum hose or foam pipe insulation secured with duct tape. They make a cat-safe hot stuff to rub on the wires but it gets in the air and burns and bothers us too. Some cords that are near a piece of furniture, we have been successful in duct taping the wire to the back.

  3. Do you know that stuff could burn your mouth !
    You just need some new toy !

  4. Hot sauce is a no-no...kitty wipes his burning mouth then rubs his eyes with his paws...OWEEEEEEEE.
    We have found that a squirt/spray with water from a (clean) plant watersprayer does the trick.Kitty chews the cable...SQUIRT!!
    It has (quickly) got to the stage in our home that.."I'll get Mr sprayer..." is enough to stop any of the cats from doing something they shouldn't...also once they have been squirted/sprayed a couple of times, just making a Tst tst sound at the cat is as good as a squirt/spray.
    Hope this helps.
    Jane xx

  5. I've heard of a product called "bitter apple" that is supposed to deter chewing, it should be available on line.

  6. Casper is the big chewer at our house so I wrap our lamp cords in clear packing tape, they don't seem to like it. I've also heard of cord covers; clear tubing slit down one side, I think you can get those at the hardware store.

  7. Deb and Katnip Lounge both said what I was going to say...aluminum foil should do it though.

    Packing tape would never work with Cody because he EATS TAPE

  8. Oh my! I think a chew toy would do the trick :)
    Thank you for your concern for Rachel, shes doing so much better and we really appreciate your purrs.