Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scarifying Winston

No, Winston is not gearing up for Halloween. ;) But he is a bit taken aback after a visit with the vet. The little dude seemed to have lost his appetite -not eating nearly as much food as he normally scarfs down. So after a trip to the vet which included an exam and some x-rays, she concluded he was -ahem- blushes--constipated. Not sure how that happened. He already eats a fibre food. There is plenty of water for him to drink. Any reasonable suggestions to remedy this situation would be much appreciate by Winston. I'm fairly certain he would rather not have to endure the indignity of another kitty enema.
=) Ewwwww-have a nice weekend anyway.
I'm working through it all!


  1. I experienced a similar problem with Cody. Actually it can be quite serious. Cody's was due to taking Prednisone...but...what I do to help remedy the situation is give him ONE TEASPOON of canned pumpkin (NOT the kind for pie mix) but 100% canned gets everything moving!
    Good luck!

  2. I've heard pumpkin works well, if you can get the cat to eat it.

    What about a pre/probiotic? Would that help keep things moving along properly?

    I know with Nicki, he needs a little bit of fibre in his diet to keep his stool firm--very rich cat foods often given him diarrhea. Derry is the opposite--he was constipated back in March 2011 after I switched to a hairball kibble formula. A baby enema at the vet's took care of the problem, and getting rid of the high fibre diet helped him stay regular. Now I feed them mostly canned, but they do get 1 TBSP kibble a day, a brand that has rice, but no other grain. They also get a grain and potato-free brand as as treat, though because both cats are missing so many teeth, it's hard for them to eat the pieces of kibble. LOL.

    Don't be misled by the high fibre diets, though. That might not be what's best for Winston's system.

    Oh, I also give the boys a *sprinkle* of Purina's FortiFlora on their canned every day, to encourage them to eat more canned (both are kibble heads). But FortiFlora is a probiotic, so is good for them. Giving it or another brand a try might help. Good luck!

    And thanks for visiting us!

  3. Sorry, meant to type that the boys get 2 TBSP of kibble a day, 1 TBSP in the AM and 1 in the PM. Derry's had a couple of bouts of idiopathic cystitis and both have had crystals in their urine, so I keep them on a predominantly wet diet for their urinary tract health. I haven't the hear to cut out all the dry, though, because they're crazy for it.


  4. Thanks,people =)
    I have bought a can of pumpkin.
    Now I just need to convince Winston this is the new kitty gourmet =)