Monday, October 29, 2012

Mysterious Winston

mysteriouswinstonkitty by cherithsky
mysteriouswinstonkitty, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.

It's a chill, rainy Monday morning. I'm about to venture out for a shopping errand. But thought I would share this photo of the Winston kitty before I went outside.
The little dude loves to play. In this photo here its a peek-a-boo game by the lamp.
I love his ear tufts. =)
Stay dry, stay warm and cuddle your kitty today!


  1. Terrific photo, both the pic and the post-processing.

    We wish our human was home to cuddle us right now, but she's off day-hunting, while we "psychically" transmit our blog comments to her. LOL.

  2. Winston, you are so adorable and cute! Mom wants to give you hugs! purrrs xx

  3. hey,,,I'm back. Sorry for being gone so much, and sorry because I didn't even come back to thank you for you concern and support. I'm okay now. Say hi to Winston!

  4. I love his blue eyes...I think they are amazing!

  5. Hi Winston! Thanks for visiting me!

    Happy Halloween!!!