Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where are my treats?

Where are my treats? by cherithsky
Where are my treats?, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.
Winston kitty here.
Mom stepped on my paw this morning!
The nerve. The gall!!
Sure-she was upset that she stepped on my delicate, furred paw. She apologized. She gave me ear scritches. She followed me around the room begging for my forgiveness. But no treats to show her true repentance!
I'm pretty forgiving, though.
A few treats. A few more abject apologies. Some ear scritches. A nice brushing. All will be forgiven--eventually!


  1. You shouldn't get a "few" treats, you should get an ENTIRE BAG!

    1. The Winston kitty thinks he should get the entire bag, too!
      However, in spite of my guilt, I will just give him a few pieces at a time =)
      thanks for the visit!!

  2. I always step on Sofia's paws or tail. She demands attention all the time and she's always between my legs when I'm walking, so sometimes the choice goes between tripping down or step on her!