Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hug Department: Always Open

Hug Department:  Always Open by cherithsky
Hug Department: Always Open, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.
So-my dad's condition is stabilized for now :)
Though the "crisis" is over, at least for now, I feel more exhausted than I did at the actual
health scare. 
I've learned that I need to find someone who can care for my brat cats if I ever have to leave unexpectedly for a couple of days. I'm working on that right now-extra keys have been bought and am looking into potential cat sitters. In fact, check out the Just Cats Blog with Deb. She give a great article on what to look for in a cat sitter!
Trying to find something to be grateful for recently has been a bit of a challenge.  I have thought of a couple of things, though  =)
1.  When I was trying to sleep that first night after visiting dad at the hospital, and things were still "iffy",   Oscar curled up beside my head.  He then folded his front paws and placed them in my outstretch hand and began to purr.  Funny, nothing had changed, but somehow I felt better.
2.  A friend very kindly gave up her time to drive me out of town to visit dad at the hospital.  I know that her being there helped to settle me down and calm my thoughts.  
Will write more later .....
Hope you all have a great day!
Will try to catch up on some of your blogs later today!!

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  1. I had a cat sitter for when I had to leave for work and she was good. I was so anxious to leave them with a stranger, but everything turned out fine.
    I'm happy your father is better now. Be strong and try to rest. Big hugs to you.