Sunday, February 9, 2020

Quick Hello

Purrs of hello from Winston.  I'm here on behalf of Mom.  The past few weeks have been hectic and she has been ignoring our pleas to touch base with you all!  You do realize it is Mom's fault and not our fault, right?
Anyway, we hope everyone is well.  Emily and I are enjoying naps and watching the snowfall

We will keep our paws crossed that our Mom stops being tired soon!
Winston and Emily

PS-Mom carries this quote with her.  She thought other people might like it, too.


  1. Nice to see you Winston, we hope your Mom feels better super soon.

  2. Hello there, dear Winston. What beautiful blue eyes you have! We, too, hope your mom feels better soon. Wonderful quote, too.

  3. Hallo Winston! We agree with Cleo. Your eyes are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Trixie took one look and almost SWOONED.
    Love to you all, including your tired Mom.

  4. Kim: I love that quote, thank you. It's a keeper!

    Winston, we hope you all have a good week and that your mom gets some rest. If she figures out how NOT to be tired, tell her to pass on the secret to the biped, okay?

  5. You are such a handsome boy Winston Thank you for getting your mom to help you post. XO

  6. Here's hoping the craziness dies down soon, for you all.

  7. Thanks for letting us know you are ok.

  8. Enjoy your snow, we have lots of wind. Sending purrs from Patch and Flower.

  9. Hi there, Winston! We sure hope Mom feels better real soon.