Sunday, January 12, 2020

Muffins and Tea and Kitty Cuddles

 Hello!   We hope that everyone had a Happy New Year.  Emily and I are trying to keep Mom from NOT being bored!  We are thoughtful that way.
 We are trying to get back into the swing of things!   Mom says she enjoys the Christmas lights that are still left up outside some homes.  She says that they are cheery. 
How are your humans?  Our Mom had been feeling under the weather.  However, Mom knows somebody who has pneumonia.  That is so not good.
 Mom made homemade cheddar and onion muffins the other day.  She wanted something other than toast to eat with her soup.  She says they were good!  Our Mom doesn't bake very often so it was a pleasant surprise that it turned out!
 Hello from happy Emily!  Mom says I have been a cuddle bug these last few weeks.  Winter is a good time for being snuggly, I think!
 It has been so rainy and dreary lately.  However, it finally snowed and Mom went for a walk to enjoy the fresh air and take a few photos.
 When she finally comes home with nipped fingers and cold toes she makes a cup of tea to warm up.  I may, or may not, give her some welcoming cuddles!
 We will close with these funnies from Pinterest!

Mom says this t-shirt is sadly a bit too accurate sometimes!

Happy purrs for a good week,
Winston and Emily


  1. Looking good, Winston and Emily! And speaking of looking good ... that cheddar muffin looks YUM. :)

    That introverts shirt ... YES.

  2. That muffin looks yummy. Glad you are both well and hope your Mom feels better soon. Purrs from Patch and Flower.

  3. I love the Pinterest images (I could wear that t-shirt!). :-)

    We're glad you're doing well, even if the weather is dreary and dull and depressing (my choice of words). Were you inundated with rain? We had about 41 mm, but I saw areas west of Toronto got 70+ mm. Crazy. We hope you "weathered" (haha) the weekend well.

    Take care and have a good week. Purrs from Derry.

  4. That muffin looks delish! Mummy said she would never have thought of making a savoury muffin and wonders if your Mom would share the recipe. Our Mummy also doesn't bake all that often but She thinks the cold, grey, rainy winter is a Good Time to try.

    1. Hi,
      Currently our home computer is acting up so we will try to get the recipe to you as soon as the computer starts working again.
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Yes, there are a lot of sickies going around! I sneezed yesterday, and The Hubby was all, "do you have the flu?" No, I had cat fur fluff in my nose! I love the 'train of thought' saying, and it's true!

  6. The muffin looks tasty. I love the introvert shirt.

  7. Winter is definitely a good time to be cuddly.

  8. thank you for visiting us and taking time to comment after a long absence from the Haven House occupants. Life has carved into the time I used to devote to blogging and I miss it. Determined to blog again more fully. Your post has made me smile X