Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

 Purrs of hello from Emily.  I am thankful to be inside today!  We have nasty weather--freezing rain, ice pellets, snow and high winds.  The moaning of the wind woke our Mom up this morning.
 The weather was the reason for several cancellations!  Mom was thankful to be inside for the most part.  She was able to get a lot of cleaning done!  Hooray! 
She also took a lovely long nap and read a book.

 This photo is Winston and me about to start some fun.  (squabble!)   When Mom took our photo, though, the moment was ruined!  Poor us.  Don't worry, though, we had fisty paws and flying fur later.  We have fun and that is the most important thing!
I will close with this funny from Pinterest.  We hope everyone has a great week.


  1. The weather there does look frightful! Ours was only a little bit frightful here today. Sorry Mom ruined your fun time, Emily and Winston. :)

  2. The park your mom likes is very pretty, though. We were lucky to escape the freezing rain (it had been in the forecast), but it's still snowing here.

    Everyone stay warm and cosy, and tell your mom to be safe when she's out and about, we hope she has ice-grippers for her boots.

  3. Winston and Emily, Da Boyz duke it out at least once a day, and they roll into stuff, and make screeching noise, and The Hubby always laughs while I get worried! They chase each other all over the place, sometimes it looks dangerous, but what-cha-gonna-do?

  4. Nice to see you two cuties. We got a lot of snow too. I didn't clean though - I should have :)

  5. have to tell you, that where you live is so beautiful that it makes "frightful" weather look GOOD!

  6. That weather sounds very unpleasant. I'm sure it's easy for you two floofy kitties to get get some fur flying, even if you're not tussling too hard.