Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This, That and the Vet

 Hello!  A quick visit today from us.  This is me, Winston.  I'm at the vet pretending to be innocent and not a big furry troublemaker.   Mom heard, or read, that once a feline becomes a senior that it is a good idea for the said feline to have more than one yearly vet visit.  Stupid article!   That mom person dragged to the vet.  She threw me into the carrier and everything!   Don't worry, though, as I made her life a misery on the walk.  I squirmed and wiggled and yowled and just generally carried on.  The vet just saw me as a happy boy.  I gained a wee bit of weight but the vet didn't mind.  She said for a ragdoll I was on the small side anyway.
 Mom is trying very hard to get in as much walking as she can because autumn is such a short season.  Emily and I like to watch the leaves falling from the trees from the big living room window.

 Hello all.  Emily here.  I let Winston talk first because he had to go to the VET!  Did I tell you in the last post that even I gained some weight?  Mom was so happy.

This photo is from yet another early morning walk in the park.  It was a very frosty morning!  Mom said her fingers were turning white!  She was also having a hard time holding on to things...like her camera.   If either one of us could have helped Mom by sitting on her freezing digits we would have.

We will close with this cartoon from Pinterest.  We think this feline did a lovely toilet paper display.  Winston and I hope to visit everyone sometime before the end of the week!
Emily and Winston


  1. Hi guys! We're glad you're both doing well, though Winston, we're sorry you ended up at the v-e-t for no reason other than age. (Well, at least we hope there was no reason!) Just remember that the more medical testing you have done, the more likely they'll find something amiss. The same can be said for humans! :-D

    Your mom got a wonderful frosty leaf photo, btw! Very pretty! Fall has really set in now and it's dark when our biped gets home; she doesn't care for that at all.

    Take care, we hope all of you are OKAY and that you have a great week.

    1. Hi,
      the only reason for me being forced to see the vet is my age! Mom says she wants to make sure I am doing well and nip anything in the bud.
      Our mom doesn't like the dark now, either.
      Thanks for your visit!

  2. I'm glad your Vet visit is over. Yep, I have that senior visit thing too and I do complain about it.

  3. Winston, it's good that your check-up went well. I took Angel on one of those trips recently, and she didn't like it one bit either! Like your momma, I've been snapping photos of the trees and leaves and colors and sky, but only for mine own pleasure. The frosty photo is fantastic!

  4. Sorry you had to go to the vet. I am glad you are doing well. That is a great fall photo, your mom should enter it into a photo contest.


  5. Your Autumn frosted leaf photo made our humom's nose turn cold!! Beautiful!
    Just dropping by to say hi! And to say we are thinking of you and hoping all is well in your world :) xx

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo