Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October shenanigans

 Hello from Emily.   I'm feeling a bit forlorn as our secretary has been AWOL the past several days.   Life has become hectic again.   Since I'm still able to fit in my daily naps, I really don't know what Mom is talking about!
 Mom says once she is on vacation she will stop by and visit people properly.  Her phone app says the vacation is fast approaching!
 Now that we are into October it is a bit chillier!  Also, we are getting lots of rain.
 I confess that I, Winston, am also cross with Mom.  She is here to do our bidding!   She was dreadfully lax the previous week.  However, she assures me that she will catch up soon!
 The squirrels are very active now.
 Mom loves teeny, tiny pumpkins!
 Just to show you that we are still up to our usual shenanigans...some photos of a fluffy kerfuffle.
Emily is a troublemaker.
 I just want to take a nap.
 A fierce headshake!
Image from Pinterest

We hope everyone has a lovely week!


  1. Really, kitties! Hoomins were put here on Earth to work for their feline overlords!

  2. Humans are always in a rush, living hectic lives. No wonder they're so stressed, sick and/or addicted to food, etc. They never ever learn from us kitties, no matter how hard we try to get through to them!

    We're having a couple of chilly, rainy days too, though the temps will be nicer for the rest of the week, we think. Hard to believe it's already October!

    You guys take care, be good to your mom (she needs you, we think...as ours needs us!), and have a good week.

  3. Nice to see you two cuties. Sorry your mom is busy, but as long as you still get fed on time that is OK. :)

  4. Kea is right. It is so true, the humans don't take Our Advice, try as We may to educate them. The only thing to do is to convince them to do as they ought, is to make them believe it was their own idea (mol(.
    Have you tried Hypnosis?