Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy felines but a grumpy human

 Hello, Kitties.  Winston just chilling this fine Monday morning.  Our Mom is experiencing some technical difficulties, so if you recognize some of these photos, pretend not to notice.  She is already grumpy!
 We hope everyone is doing well!  Emily kitty and I had a lovely relaxing weekend.   Our Mom thinks autumn is fast approaching.  The Canadian geese at the park.
 Cool nights and mornings.
 Alas, our Mom no longer has any ice cream.   What do your humans do when they are grumpy or tired?
 Hi, all from Emily.  I'm trying to help out by making sure Mom's freshly laundered clothes are covered in my beautiful white cat furs.
 Perhaps she should have a chai latte?
 Or just chill.
 Here I am chilling again.  Ok...I am giving Mom the evil eye.  BUT I am trying to relax.   Does she have to always be taking my photo?
 A relaxing sunset from earlier this year.

So kitties.  It's me, Winston, again.  I do enjoy chewing on Mom's shoes.  Not just any shoes.  Her most expensive shoes are what I aim for!
We hope your humans are in a better frame of mind.   Don't worry, though, we think we can tease her out of it but a well-placed head nudge and a gentle purr in the ear.  Though we should get extra treats for our efforts.
Purrs for a great week.
Winston and Emily


  1. Emily and Winston, you'd better get your purring mojo into high gear, and turn your momma's frown into a smile! We know you can do it, kitties!

  2. Good luck getting your mom over her grumpiness. Ours has been grumpy for a while now, for no apparent (to us) reason.

    At least your mom has you two gorgeous felines to cheer her up a bit!


    Nicki and Derry

  3. We all have to work so hard to keep our hoomins in line, happy and productive. A kitteh's work is never ever done.

  4. Winston and Emily, it is part of your job as a cat to make sure your Mom's grumpy moods don't last long. Tell your Mom I hope she feels better soon!

  5. We're pawsitive that your mom bean's mood will improve with some extra lubbing from you kitties. At least we think so, 'cuz our mom bean says it helps her most of the time.

    When our mom bean gets grumpy she eats....and eats....and eats. She says she should go out for a walk but she doesn't. Hope your mom's mood improves soon.

  6. You have exquisite taste Winston. I hope your Mom feels less grumpy soon.