Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lazy cats and teacups

 Hello!   It's Winston saying hello today!  We hope everyone is doing well.   We are wondering because we had the time change last week and our Mom is a bit foggy brained!   Since Emily and I  can nap whenever we please we couldn't care less about Daylight Savings Time.  Mom, however, is a bit of a mess!
 This is photo taken from our living room window just after an evening rain shower.   If you look carefully you might even be able to see the raindrops on our window!   It was a beautiful sky!
 Mom had to buy lunch a few days ago.  While she was tempted by these lovely, freshly baked goodies she resisted and purchased a salad.   A salad.   Boring!   We hear there was even kale in it!
 Mom snapped this photo of me after I escaped into the hallway.   She calls me Marco Polo because of my explorer tendencies.  Sometimes I will gallop down the hall just to see if Mom will try to catch me.  It really is quite fun.  She grumbles things like:  there are dogs living on this floor you know Winston!  Pshaw!  No woofie is a match for me!  I'm a racing cheetah!
 Anyway, after a long and busy week at work Mom rested up on the week.  She and a friend went to the movie theater to see Beauty and the Beast.   It was a very last minute plan.  Mom said she really enjoyed the movie!  She would even watch it again.
 Mom says people need to see a splash of pretty color at this time of year.  Everything is so drab.   Even the snow is muddy!
 I'm throwing in this photo of me investigating Mom's tea cup. Don't worry my nose didn't get singed.   There was no tea inside! 

Did you think Emily wouldn't say hello!   Well, she is having a nice nap here.   We sometimes keep Mom company while she watches tv.  
We hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Winston, we are so proud of your escape adventure! Just meow to your mom that such things broaden your horizons, and who doesn't want a well adjusted feline? PS: our mom says that teacup is quite lovely. As is Miss Emily.

  2. Your mom always seems to know how to treat her Self, her Spirit. :-) However, we recommend having some salad AND a little baked good. It's called balance. LOL.

    Marco Polo, huh? Racing cheetah, huh? Yeah, we can see that from your svelte figure. (Why is our biped laughing? That's like the pot calling the kettle black, lady.)

    Anyway, the tulips and the tea cup are lovely, so pretty. As was that sky! Glorious.

    We hope you all have a good week. Purrs and peace.

  3. My Mom is "a bit of a mess" too with the time change. Mom won't wake up til Fall. Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Winston, you are quite the escape artist. I had a kitty years ago who loved to dash out into the apartment hallway too. He loved to visit with the neighbours.
    Your Mom took a lovely photo of the sunset. You have a great view from your living room window.
    Say hello to Miss Emily for me when she wakes up!
    Have a good week all.

  5. You and Emily are such cuties. You really shouldn't escape, you worry your Mom.

  6. We don't have the time change thing here in Saskatchewan...though we'd be like you kitties and it wouldn't really matter.

    Mom bean says your mom is furry strong-willed to avoid the yummy baked goods, though she does like kale too. Beans are just weird.

    Have a great week!

  7. We don't get our hour stolen till this Thursday night but We are planning on staying awake and catching the Time Thief (mol).
    That's a beautiful sunset your Mom photographed. And what lovely teacups she has! We bet she'd go berserk if you knocked it over and broke it, the way We broke Our Mummy's favourite coffee mug.

  8. It's nice to see that you are all well :)
    Winston, don't be darting off into the unknown! It's worrisome to your Mama! We loved seeing the bright tulips:)

    the critters in the cottage xo