Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Old is not for Sissies

 Hello.   Oscar here.  I'm posting a photo of me from a few years ago.   I was making sure the Mom person was studying.   I can't jump up on the table anymore to supervise, though.   So....Mom took me to the vet on Friday for a once over.   Mostly, though, because I was sitting funny.  My front leg shoulder was jutting out at a bit of an odd angle sometimes.   The vet examined me and said this was because the muscle there was wasting due to my age.   That vet sure does like do go on about my age.   Not only did she insult me about that but she poked, prodded and made me suffer through various other indignities which I won't mention.   She did, however, say that I had gained a bit of weight and that I looked better than I had on my last visit.   The Mom person was a bit relieved to hear that.   Guess what?!  I got two catnip toys for that visit.  Purrwowza!    Emily and Winston ended up fighting over one of the nip toys.
 We have had such a dry spell here.   The grass is yellow and withered and some of the leaves are falling from the trees.   However, that changed a few days ago with some fierce thunderstorms.   Mom snapped this photo on the way to an appointment.  Thankfully, she missed getting soaked!
 This is a view of the sunset from out living room window!   After the rain comes the sun!
 Some nice fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market.  
 The courtyard garden after a nice summer rain soaking.   Don't worry.  I haven't forgotten Bonnie and Clyde!   (yeah I know that is not their real names!)  Other than fighting over my nip toys they are up to their usual silliness!

I'll close with this photo of Miss Emily.   The cat dancer toy is her favorite but for some reason the little feather toy at the end of the pole is gone!   I guess my catnip toy never stood  a chance.
Purrs to all for a great week. 


  1. Good to hear you are doing well Oscar :)
    Nice too, to get catnip toys after that visit with the Vet.
    We had a rare thunder and lightning storm Thursday night.
    We do not get them as often as you ;)
    Purrs you stay well for a long time.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Sighs. Indignities is right! No respect at all.

  3. Oscar, we're so glad the vet report was good! At least that's something, after having to be poked and prodded. Continued purrs.

    We love that sky shot (third photo). Wonderful! There has been rain all around us, we hear, but none here. We're terribly dry, it's drought conditions. We desperately need a few (or more) days of gentle rain, but that doesn't seem likely to happen.

    Take care, have a good week!

  4. Oscar, you have all our sympathy about the visit to the v-e-t.
    Still, you are better off than some. We don't even get ONE catnip toy as compensation for the Humiliation, let alone TWO!
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Purrs from your Furriends in Jerusalem
    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi (and Mummy Shimona)

  5. Yep, getting old isn't for sissies! I remember that with my Angel Bobo. I am glad that all in all the Vet visit went well!!!! I think you look meowvelous! Oh we know about being dry, same here....we had some rain yesterday but certainly not enough. It is supposed to be 96F late this week, dreading that! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Oscar, glad you've put on some weight big guy! Nice of you, too, to share your toys with Bonnie and!

  7. Oscar glad you gained some weight. Hope all your kitties have a great week.

  8. Our bean grandpa said the same thing and he lived to be 98! We're sure glad to hear you've gained some weight and we're sending our purrs you have lots of time left for snuggles with the mom bean.

    The photos of the storm and after the storm are beautiful. Glad your mom bean didn't get soaked by the rain.

    Have a great week efurrybody!

  9. Good to hear your vet visit was better than expected and that you gained some weight.

  10. You get catnip toys? woh, that's awesome. Wasting in older cats is so common.. upping their protein intake might help.

  11. Oscar, we sure are glad you gained a bit of weight, and that your vet visit went well.

  12. Oscar, we think you do getting old purrfectly well . . . like a true gentleman! We are happy to hear you have gained a bit of weight :) We will try to send you the rain we have been getting!

    the critters in the cottage xo