Monday, May 30, 2016

Cafes, Naps, and Feline Thievery (uh oh)!

Good morning.   Oscar here.   I am enjoying a nice snooze on the back of the sofa.   As some of you know the Mom person was off last week.   It was nice to have her here.  I've created a lovely new game for her to play.  I call it-make sure your water is ALWAYS fresh.   I will stand in front of my favorite water bowl and meow or, even better, look mournful, until Mom takes away the dish, rinses it and then refills it.  Only then will I deign to lap the water.   It's very important to note that it doesn't matter if the bowl is already full.  She must do it in front of me.   It's a very satisfying kind of a game.
The Mom person stayed even closer to home.   Her bruised knee was swollen and a bit painful.  However, by Friday, she went to visit a friend at a nice little European style cafe.   Mom ordered a sparkling water with fruit.  It was very refreshing on such a hot, humid day!   It was the first time Mom got out to visit someone at a restaurant and she was so happy to be out!
 Purrs from Emily.  I know I look a bit cross here but it's only because Mom was annoying me with her camera!  How am I supposed to rest with a flash going off in my face.   *sigh*  Yes, the Mom stayed close to home for the most part.   But after a few days she eventually eased out of work mode and settled into her relax mode.   She even colored a bit!
Mom doesn't often get a chance to color but when she does it is relaxing.   She likes choosing from all the different shades of pencil crayons.  
I must confess those pencil crayons speak to me as well!  When Mom wasn't looking I absquatulated one of the crayons...the dark brown one.   Mom caught me trying to drag it under the table.   Don't fret, though,  she can't be around all the time and then one of those lovely colors will be ALL mine!
Head bops from Winston now.   I don't want you to get the impression that Mom just read, colored and visited friends at cafes.  Oh no...she also did some small chores that she had to set aside.   One example was her sock drawer!   Here I am supervising the empty drawer!   Hmmmm....I need to sit here for a bit and think about whether her work is up to my exacting standards!   Mom even recycled several socks that didn't have their twin!  
Even Emily helped out!

We will close for now and wish all of you a wonderful week!


  1. It looks like your mom had a lovely week off, in spite of her knee.

    Oscar, what a great game! Maybe we'd find that as much fun as you do.

    Emily, maybe you were looking for a pencil that would closely match some of your fur. :-) No pencil could ever match completely, of course -- you're in a category all your own in terms of (colour) beauty.

    Winston, you worked hard! We commend your efforts and hope your human saw fit to give you extra rations, to keep up your strength.

    Take care, purrs and peace to you all.

  2. So much going on there. Miss Emily, we totally understand - Mom is always after us with the Flashy Beast too.

  3. You all look adorable, as usual. Coloring is fun- leave your Mom a few pencils to work with :)

  4. What a delightful time and I love that water game!! I keep meaning to get coloring books...I saw someone online who does the best coloring book drawings and she uses these gel pens that have glitter and all sorts of colors! So glad your Mom was able to finally get out too! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Oscar, you are not alone! We do the same thing for Angel and Chuck...if they even look at the water bowl, we humans jump up and put fresh water in it! (I also mix filtered water into their meals, hehehe!)