Monday, April 18, 2016

Powder Puff Beast

 Hello.  Winston kitty today.   After Mom saw this photo of me she thinks that Emily and Oscar are not the only ones to gain weight.   She is calling me the Powder Puff Beast.  I like the Beast part but not so much the Powder Puff part.  *sigh*
 The weather here is so changeable-snow, sun and flowers and snow drifts.  Sometimes all in the same day.
 We are waiting for the proverbial April showers to show up.   Emily likes to watch the rain drops sliding down the window!
 Hello.  Oscar here.   Mom took this photo of me while I was resting on her while she watched tv.   She said it is not easy to take a photo one handed.   At least I'm getting an ear scritch because...guess what!  STILL no catnip toy.   It is my 18th birthday after all.   It can't just be sunbeams, treats, spa days and ear scritches.   I need my medicinal nip!
Winston is right about the weather being very up and down.  Though I think spring is finally here because of all the blooming flowers.  Plus the Mom had major sneezing fits!   Those sneezes hurt our ears but it's also a number one sign that spring has arrived!

 Purrs from Miss Emily.  I like to flaunt my tummy fur too!  Only Mom doesn't giggle at me the way she does at Winston.  I'm a bit more svelte than Winston.
 Yes...there are lots of spring flowers popping up everywhere!
 Remember that one of Mom's nicknames for me is Petal.   I rather like it.  It's better than Powder Puff Beast!

We will close with this photo of Oscar and Winston peacefully (for once) sharing a sunbeam in the window.
Purrs to all for a peaceful week!


  1. It seems Spring and Winter have been fighting each other! We have glorious sunshine and warmth right now, so we'll enjoy it. Happy Birthday, Oscar! C'mon, Mom...give him some nip!

    1. Hello-The Mom person said when she gets paid she will pick me up a new nip toy. I refuse to look at the other 8 catnip toys until such time! Thanks for your support.
      Oscar kitty

  2. Well, who wants one of the existing 8 catnip toys? They've probably been slobbered over. You want your own new one, of course. :-)

    Spring has finally sprung here. Last week the biped was still wearing long john layers, this week she's in tee-shirts. Go figure!

    Have a great week! Purrs from us.

    1. Exactly-the other toys are covered in kitty spit. The new toy will have only my kitty spit. I can hardly wait till the end of the week when she picks one up for just me!
      We hope your human is enjoying t-shirt weather.
      Purrs to you, too.

  3. Winston, we like your floof!
    It makes you look huge(in a good way)
    Happy Birthday Oscar! good to see you getting some lovings ;)
    Spring is mostly here, though the weather has been all over that place .
    This week it is supposed to be mostly sunny.Now all we need is more warm!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. thank you for not making fun of my floof. I prefer to think that I am fluffalicious!
      We hope that you get your feline warms.
      Purrs right back at you.

  4. Winston and Emily, your floof is soooo amazing! Oscar, we think you deserve a spit-free toy of your own. Hope the mom bean gets one for you furry soon!

    Our mom bean is envious of all the pretty flowers. Everything here is still brown. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for the kind words about our floof!
    Once Mom gets paid she is hoping to get the Oscar kitty his new nip toy...but the Winston kitty may not let it be his toy for long! (oops-Mom is going to have watch me!) There are still bit of dirty snow here and lots of brown but also splashes of spring color. You will get your spring too.
    Many purrs to Sasha, Sami & Saku

  6. Oscar, we think all that floof just means there is more of you to love! ;p We are glad Spring is arriving slowly but surely! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Happy 18th birthday Oscar. You are all cuties.