Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome November

 Salutations all!   Winston kitty in guardian kitty mode today. 
The Mom was thankful to have a nice weekend!  She took lots of walks...many of the trees were bare of their leaves.  However, there are still some trees in full autumn color.
When she comes back home from one of her long walks she heads straight to the tea cupboard.  She savored her last cup of hot cinnamon spice tea.   Yes, her favorite tea tin is empty.  Mind you -she has plenty of other teas she can try but this one is, paws down, her favorite.
 We felines were a bit concerned at first...humans without tea can be grumpy.  We then decided, after our brief conference, that we would try to help by giving an extra snuggle or two.

Here is Miss Emily dreaming of one of her favorite things...
The squirrels are pudgy and active here.   I might also add they are incredibly cheeky.   It's almost like they are taunting us felines as we watch them out the window!

 I will close with this picture of Oscar.   Mom took him to the vet's office for a spa day last week.   He can't really groom himself anymore and a nice "bubble" bath and dry down will make him smelling clean with soft furs again.
Mom really is distressed at how much he meows.   He vocalizes in the middle of the night, too, sometimes 3 or 4 times and wakes up the Mom.   She knows he can't help it but she doesn't know how to help him.  The vet told Mom Oscar is senile so Mom just tries to love him in between all her yawning.
Purrs to everybody for a great week.


  1. You all had a lovely weekend. Sending purrs to Oscar kitty.

    1. Yes it was lovely. We visited Skipper and saw he had a nice misty, foggy kind of autumn morning.
      thanks for the purrs.

  2. Poor sweet Oscar. Continued purrs from us as well.

    We're not sure we want to say "welcome" November, but it IS one day closer to Spring. LOL.

    We wish you all good week! Take care.

    1. Thanks for the purrs for Oscar. Sometimes when Oscar is in the midst of one of his meowing spells the Mom will pick him up. Usually he will settle down into a cuddle and all is well. Other times he doesn't want to be held at all and then Mom has to try and ignore it the best she can.
      We wish you all a good week, too!

  3. Purring for Oscar, and for sleep-deprived mom! At least most of the time your touch calms him down.

  4. We are sending our purrs for Oscar and for mom bean too.

    Have a good week efurryone.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. How old is Oscar? Poor sweet lil guy.