Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kitty Brat Reports

 Hello everyone.   It's Emily.   I'm starting off today's post with this slightly incriminating photo of me giving Winston the "what for" while on the dining room table.   First of all-he started it.  I can't remember what our stand off was about but I am fairly certain he is the guilty feline.  Second of all-he can't tell me what to do just because he is a boy and older than me.   I think he learned his lesson ...for a bit anyway.
 Purrs from Oscar now!   I am going in for my 4th antibiotic tomorrow.  Mom is still trying to entice me to eat and sometimes I try to make her happy.   My back arthritic leg is really acting up now.  My favorite spot in the whole world (other than cuddling up with Mom)-the bathroom sink counter is now forbidden to me.   My leg won't cooperate.  Mom closes the door.   I also may have accidentally knocked over a table lamp with a glass shade.  Mom says she knows I didn't mean to do it.   She was even thinking about getting me a cat fountain to drink water from to make up for the loss of my beloved water tap.   She needs to wait for a magical time , though, called "pay day"

Winston kitty now sending you a hello.  Mom is still feeling yucky.   She keeps saying things like "if I can just make it to the weekend, I can rest up"   She is very tired but is afraid to stop doing stuff.
By the way, that little runt Emily sometimes makes up stories about me.  We hope everyone is having a great week!
Mom will try to catch up your posts on the weekend!


  1. Hope you have a lovely day and sending healing purrs to Oscar and your Mom. Skipper

  2. Sending lots of purrs! We don't always believe those stories from Emily, but sometimes.... maybe just a little.

  3. Lots of purrs to both Oscar and your mom too. We hope both start feeling better soon.

    As for who started what -- well, angel Annie would have said it's always the mancats that start trouble!

  4. We is sending our purrs for Oscar and for your mom bean too. We hopes you is both feeling better soon.

    MOL, those staring contests usually turn into whappy paws around here Emily and Winston!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. We're purring and praying for Oscar and Mom!

  6. WE think there is a (small) kernal of truth in every story!

    Oscar and Mom, please get well soon...Oscar, Miss Kona sends extra purrs from her rickety frame to your leg.

  7. I hear you knee is fused now,so I have to get picked up to go on the bed.This arthritis SUCKS!
    Love Sydney from The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxx

  8. No smoke without fire Winston!! Oscar - sending you loads of kitty sized hugs. Hope you get your water fountain soon, our Daisy loves hers. xxxx

  9. I'm sorry Oscar can't get up to his favourite place. Are there steps that can be put there, or some other way of easy access. I have a fondness for older creatures.

    Thank you for your thoughts on my Tungsten's death. They are greatly appreciated.

  10. Oh sweet Oscar! Hoping you feel better soon...I have to tell you, I have a water fountain (not the PetSafe one, that one is HORRIBLE to put together), I have the one that Amy Shojai promotes on her blog and what I don't like about ANY of the fountains is that you have to change the filter (which I always forget to do). Guess what? Cody doesn't use the fountain. Every now and then he will. I bought it to get him to stop drinking out of Dakota's bowl........doesn't matter....he STILL drinks out of Dakota's bowl! I truly think the fountains aren't worth the money.

    1. Thanks, Caren. I was pricing them and the one's with the best reviews are expensive! If Oscar doesn't use it then it's a waste of money. I was considering getting him a drinking bowl that is on a stand--so it's up higher and he won't have to bend down as much to drink.