Friday, September 12, 2014

Smacky paws of Doom

 Hello felines and peoples,  It is Oscar here today.  I am feeling much better now that I have had some antibiotics!  Mom is happy that I seem to be feeling so much better.  She said between the "thyroid thing" and the abscess, she feels wiped.   I feel better, though, purrs!
It has been feeling more like October than early September here.   Brrr.....Mom even started wearing her comfy slippers again!   She is craving warm beverages, too!
Mmmmm.chai latte with cinnamon on top.  That would mellow her out!  
 She is seeing more of this as she walks to and from work.  The leaves are turning color--rust, gold cinnamon.   She loves a gentle autumn rain.   But, before you get too mellow, I will close with this....Emily seems to respect me but, with Winston,  she feels a certain familiarity! Harrumph!
They will start off being friendly, washing each others face, but it will end like this. 
Here Emily is trying to intimidate Winston with the cunning, scary kitty kung fu move called the smacky paw of doom.   Winston, unperturbed, is going to counter with the paw of disdain.   I tell ya peoples and felines, it is getting hard for me to enjoy undisturbed naps around here.  Take good care.    Drink your favorite warm beverage and cuddle your felines.


  1. Angel and Chuck kinda do the same thing around here: first, there is a brief offer of comraderie with Angel trying to lick Chuck's noggin, then those smacky paws come out and then one or the other is chased out of the room. This usually happens near to meal time, so the hubby and I have figured it's an attention-getting behavior. However, maybe sometimes the two siblings have to irritate the other for a moment.

  2. Sweet Oscar we hope the smacky paws cease soon so you can get a good nap. Not cool enough here yet for warm beverages, but we are hoping soon it will be. You all have a great day! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Oscar we are glad you are feeling better! Oh the fall leaves are beautiful, and we hope smacky paws get put away!

  4. Oh yes, warm beverage days are here (for the peeps). The smacky paw may be because Emily knows that girls are ALWAYS in charge..well, they are here anyway.
    Glad you are feeling better Oscar!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  5. Oscar, we are SO happy you are feelin' like your old self! And Miss Emily...WTG!

  6. Oscar, we hope you keep feeling better and better , sweetie. Emily, it's clear you want to be The Queen. Maybe Winston could be your King and you could work as a team? :p

    Love the leaves photo and Mmmmm chai latte!

    the critters in the cottage xo