Sunday, June 15, 2014


It's Winston here today.  I feel I need to justify myself after I heard Mom chatting with a friend.  She dared to insinuate that I wake her up too early in the morning by yowling. Well, I have never been so insulted!  I do not yowl.  I merely try to ease her into the day with a touching rendition of the song of my people.  Our language is a bit different from people language.  We use tone and timbre to portray emotion and vulnerability.  It is a very fine art.  *kitty sigh*    For example, I will roughly translate one verse of my early morning serenade.   Ahem.

Woe is me.

Why am I unloved?
Why do you keep food far from me?
I am starving.
Starving and alone.

Woe is me.

Mind you, this is a very rough translation.  But I imbue the words with pathos by my vocalizations!   I knew you would understand, gentle reader.  You all  have a great week!


  1. "The song of my people..."

    OMC, this cracked me up, the entire post.

    Derry certainly understands, Winston, as he does the same, come 4AM. Nicki used to sing more often to wake me up, but since Derry's taken over, he saves his "songs" for other times during the day. Many other times.

  2. Oh Winston you are just too cute. I don't think your song is true at all. :)

  3. Winston, we do the same thing and get the same reaction!
    Humans are just too dense to understand!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. *sniff sniff...wiping leaky eyes*.
    Winston, that song tugs at the heart makes up weep with sorrow at your plight.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxxx

  5. I sooo totally understand. Take comfort in the fact that I have a less than aware Mom myself.....when will they EVER "get it?" Love, Cody

  6. Oh, sweet Winston just keep it up and she is bound to get the message at some point. That works for us around here after a time. You are just so handsome and you make us lady cats here swoon. Hugs and nose kisses Patches and Pooh

  7. Oh Winston! We know every word to that "Woe is Me" song! Sing it baby, sing it!! ;)

    P.S. Our Mama thinks you are the most beautiful boy. She melts when she sees you. Ugh.Get a grip Mama!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. That is INDEED a touching lament. We tend to reserve our operas for a) the car; or b) angry tiffs as Mommy could sleep through armaggedon.

  9. Winston, our Angel sings the same song, and usually she starts between 4:30 and 5:00 am. I think the sunrise stirs the need to sing the song of your people, Winston. Too bad humans aren't as intune with Nature as you kitties!

  10. I'm sure you were just trying to get some well-deserved attention!