Saturday, August 18, 2012

poor little Winston

poor little Winston by cherithsky
poor little Winston, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.

I'm so thankful for kitties who are thoughtful enough to remind you to feed them =)
He is a picky little dude, though. Sometimes, he wants his food in a bowl on the floor. Other times, he only want to eat it straight off the floor (maybe his idea of roughing it?) Then there are other days, Winston demands I put his food on a plate on a tall object.
I feel so used! =) lol
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. that happens withmy cats too, and I have seven! Sometimes they drive me crzy. One wants to eat on the table, the other one on the floor...cats are demanding little creatures, and I guess they are convinced we are their servants.

  2. Funny little creatures. Mr. Ed only drinks water from a parfait glass. I know...I'm used, too.

  3. yep, we are like that too. No one told our Mum that this was what she was signing up for! Love Darcy and Bingley xxx