Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kitty yoga

Kitty yoga by cherithsky
Kitty yoga, a photo by cherithsky on Flickr.
Winston loves to lie on his back and show off that tummy of fluff to the world. Of course, to try and give a tummy rub is a certain way to get attacked by a vicious kitty claw.
The tummy is just a ruse, I think!

Fun facts about the Winston kitty
1. he loves his zoom groom brush
2. he is a friendly little dude. doesn't hide when i have comapny.
3. he is bad to the bone.  but when he greet me at the door when i
get home from work all is forgiven.
4. he loves to torment lucy kitty.  when i come home
and find tufts of fur on the floor i know he has started again.
5. he loves to lie on his back with his tummy exposed to the world
6. he purrs and head butts my hand when i feed him.  it's his way of saying, 'thanks'
7. he loves to eat cheerios and potatoe chips
8. he sleeps by the bed.  if i can't sleep and move to the living room he will sigh and follow
me to the living room
9. oscar is 'papa oscar' to him.  oscar is his mentor, i think =)
10. he is a big, floofy cat but he has a teeny, tiny little girl meow!

What about your cats?  Any quirky, endearing  habits?


  1. Tubby Salem licks my arms when I bathe her bottom!

  2. Goodness, Katnip Lounge, I had forgotten about asking about
    your cat's quirky habits. Your comment threw me for a loop
    there for a minute :)
    You have quite a crew at your place. They must keep you so busy!
    Cute little furry dudes and dudettes!